Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1 – Various Artists – Teknofonic Records

//Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1 – Various Artists – Teknofonic Records
Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1 – Various Artists – Teknofonic Records 2017-03-06T00:11:47+00:00

Project Description


Over the last few years Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has exploded world wide with, it seems, an endless array of labels, producers, dj’s and singers flooding the market. It gets to a point where finding something that is unique and fresh is like the proverbial “needle in a haystack”.  Teknofonic Records looks to be that “needle” with its bold new compilation that dares to be different.  Founded in 2015 by producer Adam Relfsteck aka Sonic Fear, Essentials Vol. 1 features 20 tracks that define what this adventurous little label is all about.

The genres and styles on this set run the gammit from dubstep, house, trance, ambient and electronica while at the same fusing and blending them to create something altogether different.  And although this collection, as adventurous as it is, may be a bit much for most , the idea of pushing the envelope is one to be respected.  But we did find a few gems that could appeal to the masses including the subtle dance groove of Taken by Hypnotriq and the light progressive groove of The End by Addlis. We also loved the chilled vibe of I’ll Be Your World by Sonic Fear and the chilled house sounds of Jon Lambousis’ Confusion and Cypha Da Moonchild’s Drip Drop. Certainly not a lot to pick from but just enough to make you want more.

Phil Turnipseed